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Jewelry Parties

Birthdays, Bachelorettes, or just good get togethers--book your very own jewelry party! 


Party Information

What you'll get: 

Up to 2 hours of time, included with training, tools, materials, and guidance. 

Each participant will get to select, design, and create their very own piece of jewelry! 

How to Book 

Once you have decided on your preferred option (see below), head over to the "Contact" page and send a message with your option choice, 3 preferred dates, age group, and location of event. You will be contacted shortly thereafter. 


Option 1: participants will choose between 5-6 different designs, tailored to fit age group. Ideal for children's birthday parties!


Option 2: participants will be able to "free create" their own pieces from metals and semi precious gems brought to the event. Great for bachelorette parties and girlfriend get-togethers!



Option 1: $250 (not including mileage cost) for up to 6 participants--including honoree. Each additional participant is $25. 

Nonrefundable 50% deposit is due upon booking. Remaining due upon completion. 

Option 2: $50 deposit fee per participant as a credit toward their design--does not include mileage cost. Any additional cost incurred in the creating of their design is due at completion. 


Cost of travel--mileage is distance to destination and back


1-50 miles - Additional $20

50-150 miles - Additional $50

Over 150 miles, not to exceed 300 miles - Additional $100

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